• davetrotter 9w

    Some states votes are irredeemably compromised. Why? Because there is to much fraud like in Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, maybe Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin. 28 States in America have been compromised by using a corrupt Dominion and Smartmatic Software Hardware systems. That has actually been used in cheating in other countries to change the votes for a particular party. The House of Representatives in these states. We'll have to vote in the end for who is to be President and end in the House of Representatives of the United States we'd only one vote per state Counting. To nominate the President on January 16th 202. Because they're just way too much corruption because of the computer systems and because of hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots by the ability of using mail-in ballots. Understand this was an orchestrated plan conducted by the Democratic Party to keep President Trump from winning. Also to take away the individual right of you and me to vote for who we want to be president forever. This also was done to ensure radical Governors and Mayors stayed in office and others were blocked from winning. The 2020 Presidential Election of America is irredeemable because of the corruption created by the Democratic Party. Who really are a Socialist party. ┬ędavetrotter