• an_ambivert 51w

    I finally have a solution.
    I once had carved a name on a bench.
    The name which felt speciaI.
    The name which chuckled the butterflies.
    The name which gave me crimson blush.
    Something happened and suddenly I realized it was wrong. I was not supposed to stare at it. I was supposed to ignore it.I did. I tried not to look at it. I tried harder. But I couldn't. What else could I do? .. I thought of erasing it. Took a sharp knife and started erasing it. Felt better.
    But for how long?...Till the next day when it increased in size as I had scratched everything. It hurt more. It felt deeper. I realized how forcefully removing it only caused more pain. More of nostalgia. More of regrets. More of the feeling of helplessness.
    I found a solution there. It was just the same what I did to my heart.I wanted to remove it all at once which was what hurting me the most. Just don't try to erase it at once.Though it is not easy, it is the cure. Just let all your thoughts, muses and rants flow. Stagnancy is toxic to your soul.Give it some time and it will get filled.With the minimum of scar may be.


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    Finally found
    a solution.