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    In the last year, I had to frequently visit AIIMS Rishikesh to see my ophthalmologist. It's an hour long drive and usually took me almost whole day due to the long waiting.
    I stay in a hostel and just like every person, hate mess food. I usually go out with friends to Rishiskesh for pizza or dining. But I took hospital trips alone and never got courage to enter a restaurant or even order at Dominos alone. I used to come back hungry and eat maggi cursing myself for not bringing a take away.
    In July, I finally mustered up some courage and entered a fine dining restaurant. As soon as I saw the menu, sweat beads covered my forehead. Nothing on the menu seemed familiar. In order not to look stupod, I just asked for a thali. The chef decided to drop the bomb. The thali was not like the regular ones I had in past. The starters was soup and some cap sized roti, kebab and jam. I asked the waiter what was the dish and everything he said went over my head. Nevertheless I ate up the whole thing. Then a humongous plate filled with dal, roti, different types of rice preparations, lassi, curd, paneer, vegetables and what not! I ate it till my stomach was ready to burst. I requested the waiter to pack the dessert. I then realised that three families and two couples had also arrived. I was terrified! Were theu judging for eating alone, or are they thinking that the fat girl couldn't find a date, or she is fat beacuse she eats the double amount of food. My heart sanked. I looked down until the chef came and asked if everything was good. I immediately brushed aside my thoughts, gleamed at him and said the food was amazing. I then thanked him for such heart warming food. He saw my bag then asked if I was from Manipal University. I nodded. I could see his all 32 pearls. My sister studies there. I wanted her to become a doctor. But she scored decent enough to get dentistry. We had a big talk after that. Turned out that her sister was my batchmate and friend. The lunch was on the house! He walked me to my car. We exchanged numbers.
    As soon as I made myself comfortable inside the car and turned on the AC, I realised that my driver must not have eaten anything. I politely forwarded the dessert to him. And asked him further if he need anything else, I will buy it. He thanked him, ate the samolina pudding and drove me back. I was his regular customer so he played my favourite soft romantic hindi songs.
    That day I learnt to love myself. I learnt that I am complete in every sense and need no other person to justify my existence. I am capable of everything. That lunch changed everything.
    I deleted all the random guys' number from my phone whom I used to call for validation. I uninstalled Tinder and deleted my Facebook account.
    I worked on my mental and emotional well being. I devoted time to myself, became my biggest cheerleader and critic.
    Two months later, God knows from where, I found the love of my life. I could just tell that he was perfect for me. I had nothing to hide from him. I loved my strengths and weaknesses. I showed off my scars instead of hiding them.
    When you love yourself, only the right person will be able to love you back. Everybody else will either try to tear you down or will surrender to your greatness.

    Venu Garg

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    You find true love only after you learn to love yourself completely.
    When you love yourself, only the right person will be able to love you back. Everybody else will either try to tear you down or will surrender to your greatness.