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    They say life is a mixture of joy and sorrow
    Hang on to hope as there is new tomorrow
    My life's recipe has it's share of sweetness and bitterness
    It's never been a staple of blandness

    A career which promised to give a secured life
    Is like a married chef promised to cook for his wife
    But neither the career nor the chef has no intention to serve
    They serve a bland food with a recipe which unnerve

    Few tske their jobs so seriously
    That they don't mind being robbed uncermoniously
    They never dare to quit the burdensome work
    Fearing in case they lose the canteen food with perk

    Like never before life turned so fast paced
    It rendered us savouring instant noodles as we rat raced
    It is a disgrace for a man and a woman to stay in debris by choice
    Constantly eating something which offers nutrition at low price

    In case people happen to realise their foolishness
    It's over rid by unaffordibility of branded food fearing sickness
    The workholics deliberately ignore the reason for their tiredness 
    After a heavy workload they have dinner followed by morning grumpness

    Ceaseless run of the mill existence
    Is a fodder served only for subsistence
    Trading happiness with wealth is irrational
    The happiness provided by acquisitions is just fractional

    The food that's poured with love of a mother
    Simulates the fact that life should be a fun filled lather
    I hope to witness a day when life is lived joyfully
    With people gathering for luncheon sharing their meal merrily