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    Tagging you guys because I really want you guys to read it. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

    Seductress - Security
    Brothel/Abode of Pleasure - Comfort Zone
    Cocettes - Comforts
    Gold - Dreams
    Altar of the dead - Mediocrity.

    The idea - sacrificing your dreams for the sake of security (being in the comfort zone) is not cool

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    "The Abode of Pleasure"

    When the seductress lured me into her brothel - the abode of pleasure - I hesitated; for I was not sure if there was a way back.

    But her gaze was so magnetic that I couldn't resist her allure, despite a dark corner of my mind warning me that it was insidious.

    Shunning all my instincts, I made my way into the seductress's chambers, with the cocottes around sending me into a frenzied ecstasy, their soft hands electrifying my downcast spirit.

    The seductress being the enticing witch that she was, took me to worlds of euphoria and magical lands where the fragrant air reeked of rhapsodies, showing me that seventh heaven wasn't a myth.

    When we were done and dusted, I asked her if I could ever return for a sojourn in those fantasies. She said that it came
    at a price - I had to sacrifice all my gold on the altar of the dead.

    Overwhelmed by everything I had experienced - my senses numbed - I agreed to pay the price, although I wasn't sure if I could afford to do so. But as the grip of her charm tightened around my soul, I had no choice but do what I was asked to.

    Before I could even realize the foolishness of what I had done, I was lured, once again, into the carnival of desires. I didn't know that there was no going back from there but when I did, it was already too late.

    I tried convincing myself that all the gold I gave away would never hold a candle to what the seductress was offering me. But it was only a matter of time before the truth stood right in front of me, shining in all its glory.

    The abode of pleasure was just an abode of emptiness.
    The worlds of euphoria and magical lands turned out to be barren lands of sorrow.
    The fragrance was replaced by a toxicity that sang songs of emptiness.
    And seventh heaven turned out to be another mirage I had naively fallen into.

    And here I am, my soul caged in misery, desperately trying to return to where I belonged to, fully aware of the futility of the ordeal. I see the last ray of hope fade away into oblivion and I sigh, resigning myself to my fate. There's only one thing to look forward to now - the last abode: my grave.

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