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    "I still remember how we both giggled when we stepped on these crunchy crispy sound leaves.
    You held your hands and asked, “Would you leave me, darling? Just like these leaves that are leaving the trees. I am sure trees must have felt sad about it.” I was quiet.
    And amongst all the beautiful fallen leaves, we kissed.

    “Our season is here, sweetheart.” I whispered, as if you're around. “And I am feeling what these trees are feeling, sadness.”

    But I look around again, and I can’t stop praising the beauty of autumn.

    I whispered again, “Let the leaves fall into the ground, for brief period of time. Let them falling in love with the earth. Let them color it with their magnificent golden, bronze, orange, yellow, brown. Let their symphony of falling be a delightful moment of romance. Let the autumn be the moment of love. Let this season, be the one that I celebrate us the most.”

    Inside this beauty that surrounds me, I utter a prayer, “Wherever you are now, may you will too, celebrate this autumn as our season, sweetheart.”

    I continue to step on every leaf, and I can’t help 'but to giggle when I hear the crispy sound. I know that my tears are rolling on my cheeks, and I letting them to fall, for every leaf that falls is the teardrop of me for missing you terribly.

    The beauty of autumn,
    the beauty of falling,
    the beauty of leaving,
    the beauty of letting go."


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    -Beautiful Teaching-

    "Fallen leaves that change colors,
    letting go is beautiful."