• _kuhu_ 36w

    what will you do

    What will you do when you want to live
    To live in or to live out
    In some places where you want to go or
    Some you already know
    In some places you want to roam or
     some where you want to groom.

    What will you do when you want to go but can't
    Your ways get crossed
    And hands made frost
    You want to reply or want to cry
    Your every step will be made a pie
    Which everyone will eat and fly.

    What will you do when you get scared
    Of all those giants who dared
    To touch you or to hit
    By somehow or with a trick.

    What will you do when you want to reply without a cry
    And everyone stares and want you to be shy,

    But what will you do when you aren't scared of
    Anyone who came across your ways
    To stop you or to pack you
    Those giants with a tiny mind
    You slay them off and cut down in grind.

    Now what will you all do?
    When you see a woman
    With a bright face and a beautiful rythm.

    Don't try me
    Don't try a woman.
    Who gave you life,knows to get it back
    Who gave you her blood,don't shed her in red.