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    @zohiii happy birthday re❤️


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    Happy birthday Zohiii!

    A soul with so much of subtlety yet a little bit of craziness lingering around him. His aura is an enchanting one, and you would definitely feel very good if you'll talk to him. But if you try talking to him about something that is completely senseless and stupid, he will present you with facts and questions that will prove you wrong, and might even offend you. (Believe me, I've seen it happening XD)

    He has this incredible art of writing in such a manner that the person who reads him is left gaping in awe (at least that's what happens with me).
    Talk to him for a few weeks, and you'll learn the style of "Apun" (Believe me again, apun ne dekha hai).

    Cherry on top? He's an equally sweet and caring friend when it comes to standing up for them or consoling then. He can listen to your rants for so much time and won't even complain. You can also go and vent to him and talk about your mistakes without the fear of being judged. And believe me, he'll give really good advice to you.

    And if you haven't read him or talked to him yet, that's a bummer. Honestly.

    His one liners will make you think a lot about everything around you. Actually not just one liners, his long posts as well. He has a heart of gold, and he'll stick with you if you promise to stick with him.

    Zohi, happy birthday. I decided to stay till 23rd because I knew it's your birthday, and I really wanted to be there in the hangouts group to celebrate. You are, undoubtedly, one of the most amazing people I have met, a writer whom I can look up to and admire.
    I knew we became good friends, when you shifted from Aradhya to Ari, and I, well I always called you Zohi, but nevermind XD

    Ps- yes! I'm bad at birthday wishes, thik hai? Deal with it! Huh.

    Pps- tera birthday toh acha man rha re, who knew we'll call and wish you raat ko 12 baje. Uff, internet Friendship goals (too cringy? Koi ni)