• saba_rizwan 6w

    Dear parents,

    Your child is watching various things on the internet you never know about or don't have knowledge.yes for sure time has changed, we are living in the Morden times".

    I think that itz okay if the child likes to eat junk food once in a month, go out with friends for picnic with a few adult accompanied, enjoy certain laughter movie and so on..

    but there's always something called disciplining your child in the Morden day world. It happens when the adult monitor their children..if we could look 10years back, we did not have phones neither our own iPads or anything of that sort..

    because our parents did not feel the need to give us those gadgets as gifts. We played indoor/outdoor games, puzzles, hide and seek and so on..yes we had TV time, we had computer time

    . But if we encourage our children with phones, we ourselves giving them a chance to watch things online which children should not be watching. Remember this, one things leads to another. It must be 2020 or 2030...

    we should always have strict screen time for children and monitor what they watch...