• skatergirl1 10w

    The Loss of Love

    When I met you, I knew that you needed a friend, someone to talk to, someone who needed love. You came into my life with nothing, no friends, no one to visit you.

    You were so beat up from this cruel world, a PTSD survivor who served our country doesn't deserve it.

    I fell in love with you, I felt a deep connection with you that was unbelievable. I was your friend. I was your visitor. I was your someone to talk to.

    Its been a long and loving year with you. It's like you're a whole different person. You are much stronger than you were. It's like you hatched into a new skin and I see the difference.

    All the months we have spent together has been so amazing. I am so thankful and happy for you and to say that you were my first boyfriend.

    After the months of hard work and time and money you have and are still sacrificing to get your kids back makes me extremely happy. I am proud of you babe!

    With your kids back in your life, there is less time for me. I feel replaced and left out. I'll admit it I'm jealous and sad but like I said don't let that stop you from going above and beyond.

    Yes it hurts, that I'm losing you but relationships come and go but your kids will always be there no matter what. I rather have you focus on your kids than me.

    Like we talked about, we are not at the end yet but I'll do anything to stick around and still be there for you even if we aren't in a relationship.

    The loss of love is a love at lost.