• preethiscot 6w


    The rumpus bizzare hall filled with Fire & Aroma,
    The aprons on chefs looked like white daisy flower
    and toque unfolds like the clouds are dawning;
    The retinue chefs are blending their culinary skills
    At the place of paradise of savour around here.

    There's no time to huff into the walls of aromatic,
    Though they're flying over their hands to fire
    To make eyesome delicious recipes to feel drool,
    The crew of cuisines served with the flow of glee;
    Cuisinier fight with fire to bring out the toaster

    To make an impeccable taste to the core of beings
    And resisting their mournings under their apron
    The pragmatic lives of Cuisinier are unpredictable;
    To abide all the cringe & praise to the chefery,
    The respectable culinary skills behind their apron



    Chef make the world smell betterrrr!��✌️

    Happy International chef day Oct 20, 2020����

    #chef #chefday

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @preethiscot

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