• pavanteja 50w

    A small vignette to showcase the love of dad when he saw his first born Princess...
    An imagination of mine of which explored every inch,
    Can't wait to hear from you guys.
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    Father's Dairy...

    Subtle, perfect, pristine. Her laugh was,
    Though she didn't know she was in my arms,
    Her arms, legs became invisible, except her face,
    She was covered in a orange soft cocoon,
    She hid her eyes like a silent butterfly,
    Waiting to fly, Wanting to explore,
    Relaxing in my arms she resembled,
    The pure of the purest warmth...
    To tick a finger or try a gentle kiss,
    I feared like I may interrupt her dream.
    So I nor moved nor breathed,
    I was lost in an ecstasy of dream,
    In which my heart flew to hug the happy clouds,
    To kiss the dawn of my life.

    A small sharp shrill shuddered my ears,
    My princess played her first hymn,
    I caressed her head gently,
    She went more deep into the cocoon,
    Slowly letting her unfinished hymn to fade,
    I held her gently, putting her in the middle of pillow walls...
    I slowly raised my fingers inches from her,
    Not wanting to wake her up,
    I released my left hand with no effort,
    Half a task is completed,
    I don't want to disturb my sleeping angel,
    Looking at her, I don't want to leave, but
    My eyes are letting me go, they need sleep,
    Two am in the morning is still a good time to say goodnight.
    I raised my right hand not wanting to disturb her orange cocoon,
    Then the amazing thing happened,
    The grip of my first lady on my wrist,
    If she would have sensed my pulse then,
    She would make sure I consult a doctor.
    My beat increased in triple,
    I being lost to her,
    I slept at my princess feet.
    Promising her a better tomorrow.