• sagnik 19w

    Thirsty for love

    When the setting sun bleeds crimson brushing the thin linen sky,
    I'll look into your eyes, pressing your lips against mine.
    Holding your waist I'll pull you near,
    As the cool wind rustles through your hair.

    Close your eyes baby,
    Feel my touch.
    My fingers on your body
    Painting the trembling canvas.

    The twilight is gone, it's dark outside,
    No one is awake, a spell of lullaby?

    I want to swim down the streams of your body,
    Through it's curves.
    I'm in a quest to discover you tonight,
    Searching for the mysteries of lust.

    Let me strip you,
    Let the lingerie fall.
    Let me love you tonight
    More than ever before.

    Scratch me harder than the raven hunts it's prey,
    Pull me closer making the night darker than yesterday.

    I'll drink every drop of you,
    Like a vampire sick of blood.
    Every bit of you smells tempting tonight,
    Like the wet wood after a summer's drought.

    Forget everything about the past,
    Neither think of the days to come.
    Love me today the way you want
    Love me today the best you can.

    I'm gonna hurt you tonight,
    Not your heart for sure.
    I wanna hear you moaning for pleasure,
    Until you're full, unless you're sore.

    A dream sequence plays around,
    The fallen angels scream.
    The wings are burning down
    Even in the cool silvery mist.

    Eros will be envious tonight
    Of the way we make love,
    Too much passion and too much desire
    Surely not ordinary to the mortal beings.

    The dark night will pass into a new day in whole,
    I promise you lady to love you all with my soul.
    A never-ending love to share like fantasies keep.
    My heart will seek your heart till it's eternal sleep.