• roguenald 11w

    You're like a rose
    Beautiful and have thorns
    Lingering joy in color red
    Embracing you can make me wounded
    But I'll continue loving you like I said

    You're like an ant
    Small but terrible
    Strong but humble
    You can easily pass the wall
    And I adore this kind of soul

    You're like a car
    Expensive,modern and new
    Fast and can pass through
    Everyone wants to have you
    But I'm hoping that you'll love me too

    I want to redo
    happy moments with you
    I want to make more
    Til my last breath I'll be with you
    Even you're not mine, my love is only you


    A poem I created for her after I got rejected or friendzoned? I don't know either ��. hahaha maybe it's enough to make her cringed . I'm so damn obsessive before. but anyways it just shown how I really loved her that I even make a poem for her. I made every last word of first line in stanzas sound like her name. hahaha. reminiscing those good old days. hahaha just sharing.

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    A Poem for Her