• shamli_mali 5w

    I found someone better

    I guess there was a girl I liked,
    But now I'm here and she's not by my side!

    I Thought we'd be together forever,
    But you proved me wrong in my adventure!

    Now you don't look at me,
    That smile doesn't greet me
    I crave your attention,
    There's emptiness within me

    People tell me to move on,
    They tell me you'll find someone better
    But how do I convince myself
    That were not perfect together?

    Am I fooling myself?
    Trying to fill my emptiness?
    Or am I genuinely in love
    With the person who has made me restless

    They say time heals everything
    Makes everything better
    I'm still waiting for the day
    When I can say I found someone better

    #challenge366 #heartbreak #better

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    I found someone better!
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