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    Read it somewhere . It was interesting read so sharing it here all credit to Barry Goldberg

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    Q: Whose God is the most powerful?

    Q: Whose God is the most powerful?

    That would be my God, the Almighty Theophage. He’s the God that eats other gods.

    Name a god, any god, and he has eaten it. Zeus? Odin? Jehovah? Allah? Shiva? All just tasty, tasty snacks for the Almighty Theophage.

    Ever wonder why your supposedly all-loving God allows suffering? It’s because he got eaten by the Almighty Theophage.

    Curious as to why your God doesn’t seem to answer your prayers the way he promised to? It’s because he got eaten by the Almighty Theophage.

    Oh, and as for why your God no longer speaks to prophets or works miracles today the way he supposedly did in ancient times? Yup, that’s right — he got eaten by the Almighty Theophage.

    The Almighty Theophage can even eat gods that are supposed to be “omnipotent” because, well, that’s just its nature. Because, of course, the Almighty Theophage is the most perfect being imaginable (or so I have chosen to define it) and a God that can eat other gods is obviously more perfect than one that can’t.

    The Almighty Theophage is also defined as the being responsible for the creation of the universe and all other gods and, since we all know the universe must have had a cause, it’s therefore obvious that the Almighty Theophage exists because, well, here we are. It created the universe, created all the other gods, and then started eating them. OM NOM NOM NOM!

    Oh, and the Almighty Theophage is, of course, completely undetectable by any means possible, so the fact that there is no scientific evidence for existence is just proof of his existence. Plus, of course, the fact that there is no evidence for the existence of any other gods is even more proof of the Almighty Theophage’s existence since, of course, it ate them all.

    And, since nobody can prove that the Almighty Theophage doesn’t exist, he therefore must, right?

    Mmmmmm… gods! Tasty, tasty gods…

    -Barry Goldberg