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    Life gets hard, messier, relentless than you actually thought it to be. It's going to be painful and debilitating, but remember to breathe and let it pass over. You've been so anxious lately; uncomfortable and scared. Just let yourself know that you can survive these hard days for yesterday there's been someone else in your place.

    Breathe, you're going to be okay. Maybe not immediately but sometime soon, it's all going to fade away. There will be a day, you'll look back at this moment and acknowledge the doubt you had on your resilience. Indeed it's unbearable right now. Every other next step seems your last. Every last smile seems weaker. You've been tired for days together. But keep breathing. Again and again, until you gear up yourself to stand stronger for all the feelings that's breaking you apart little by little.

    This journey is not meant to have you question who you are. Instead align yourself to who you've been with and who you are meant to be. What if all this time, all these struggles have been leading you to a beautiful chapter of your life¿¿

    Breathe,, like it's the little love notes given to yourself...

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