• anush18 6w

    I'll search your name,daily.
    Maybe Not here. Somewhere else.
    In my gallery? In my heart?
    In my memories? In this alphabet J?
    In that incomplete conversation?
    In that sunshine?

    I'm not a sunshine J. I'm just a black hole. I can't bear my happiness so I eat that.

    You're Nova. You shone bright, and faded away. What physical presence means in this world? You existed in my life. Virtually. But does that matter?

    I wish I knew you from the start. I wish I had more time with you. I wish I could hug Maa and tell her to be strong. But I am myself broken.

    You had my dad's name. You have a place there. A place where I visit daily. A place where all memories are stored.

    You swear to GoD that you won't leave me.
    And God took you. To a place better than Earth. Maybe. Or maybe not.

    #readthisJ @kehta_hai_joker

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