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    The Instruction Manual Challenge :

    A user guide or user's guide, also commonly known as a manual, is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system ����

    Today write a poem or quote making urself an object that needs a manual for others to understand you����
    MANUAL instructions may take a lot of time to plan and create, but great instructions will significantly benefit production.

    Reference :

    I’m a bit persnickety. I get fussy when I’m hungry, bummed out when I don’t exercise, or anxious when I’m in a big crowd. Most of my long term friends know how to handle me when I dive into some weird mood, but new friends (and significant others) don’t. So, I came up with a user manual for myself to help them (and myself).

    My Style I get energy from exploring ideas and creating opportunities.

    When to Approach Me I like to solve problems and remove barriers. Approach me just about any time -- I'll let you know if I'm busy.

    What I Value. I am inspired by potential and expect everyone to show initiative.

    Communicating with Me Be crisp about what you need and articulate whether you are looking for my input or a decision. If I say something you disagree with -- tell me! I do not like second guessing.

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