• tmdisarro 5w


    A dark train's leaving in my head
    The tickets paid for long ago
    Where all the passengers are dead
    To haunt my journey as I go

    Horizons lost to love's remains
    The distance greater than the miles
    Memories saved as gathered stains
    Within the consequence of aisles

    Beyond the gravity of screams
    Far removed from heart and soul
    To where we look behind the scenes
    Of tragedies as they unfold

    In layers wicked year by year
    In flashbacks of the life we've missed
    In lost degrees of pain and tears
    In old scars running round my wrists

    A white light shines from down the tracks
    My travel bags are full of bones
    With bodies carried on my back
    So I will never ride alone

    Conductor says it's time to leave
    In single file we step inside
    The future's far too late to grieve
    Once all of your tomorrow's die

    TM DİSarro

    ©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

    Book Release December!

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