• pouring_my_heartout 6w

    Staying tight lipped all the time, ashamed of herself she feels like tearing apart her skin just like what a vulture does to a dead body. She is trembling with fear and guilt. She can no longer control herself - eyes are closing, lips and throat are dry, hands and legs are shaking; her body is all numb and cold. The moment she closes her eyes she sees the devil in disguise of a boy, so sweet and innocent on outside but drenched in malice, lust and greed. He is coming nearer and nearer. He hovers over her and her heartbeat keeps increasing and she starts shouting. No one ,not even a single person listens to her screams. No one comes to rescue her. Those hands ensanguined with blood of innocent lives are now touching her. She resists. She does it with all her might. She punches him, kicks him, slaps him but all in vain. Tears rolling down her cheek, along with the eyes, her soul was screaming and crying . He kept touching her with those hands and bit by bit turning her into a living corpse. She lost it all.

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    She lost her body
    Her confidence,
    Her innocence,
    Her happiness,
    Her peace,
    Her optimism,
    Her smile,
    She lost herself,
    She lost her soul.