• nostalgicwriter 9w

    We tend to drain ourselves totally
    Untill no drop of energy is left in us for others,
    Yes they are the people you love and who loves you.
    You can't do that to yourself,
    Don't you owe something to yourself too.
    You'll feel guilty if you won't do it, and that guilt will eat you up the same way.
    So either ways you'll get exhausted.
    But no.... stop feeling guilty if you are there for yourself first, its not being selfish, not at all.
    I have been doing this to myself too.
    I kept giving in all exhausted and emotionally tired. But now i have realised how wrong that was.
    It isn't worth it to treat yourself like that.
    Just don't feel guilty.
    When you are ready, you can go and pour but first please fill in.

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    I am sorry if sometimes i am not there for you
    When i will need me
    I'll be with me for sometime
    I would have to protect my energy first
    Only then I'll have the energy to hold you.
    I hope you will understand.