• katheeja 10w

    The Epic Love ♥️

    Hey ! I'm in love!!
    : Woah!woah !
    : Does he looks hot? Is he romantic? Dusky or fair? Bear hug or FIOS obsession hug type? 6 feet or shoulder_to_shoulder? Introvert or expressive? Earning in 6 figures? How many proposals for his own? 10 or more on count? Judgemental or perceiving? Is charming and manly his very way? A forehead kisser or back way cuddler? Alcoholic or on the wagon? How amorous his apologies are? How gentle is he in black? Stubble or Clean shave? A Moody talker or has a great eye chemistry? Possessive or permissive? An everyday chocolate or good morning text popper type? Is he ....
    *Cuts in *
    Whatever but was enough for me to want it FOREVER✨