• kristleen 10w

    # last night # ( it's the pleasure of love ) * shining , * souls , * hug , * shine
    # feeling #

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    Last night

    Hands in hand tightly held , ah! the beautiful night
    The night where the stars and moon glances* bright
    With starting of infinite words , connecting each other's spirit*
    waiting aggressively for the moment to happen when we meet
    Cuddling* my love , can't stop myself to love you more
    The feelings in my heart beginning to arise like a spore
    In a dark room with blazing winds in the souls
    You and me only, the time stops, love growls
    Clapped eyes on you the lustre* of feelings i saw that crush
    Calling your name slowly , the laugh with a blush
    Linking yourself coz you are only mine
    Not with the intention of lush* , just to see you fine
    Ending with the words please don't go
    Let me feel the pleasure of this love in sensational flow
    Hoping this night came for a long
    I wanted to be with you only with you ‚ô•