• deepshikha__nag 11w

    Autumn 4

    I pondered over the lonely street
    wondering which way to go.
    It split into two opposite roads,
    roads that I didn't know.

    I kept walking over the fresh ground,
    probably never been walked on before.
    No trace of a human being I found,
    was I the first one to explore?

    I looked at the fallen leaves;
    leaves half green, half red.
    I looked to the extent of those leaves;
    infinity was where they led.

    Half crumpled upon, they thus had
    traces of being walked on.
    Traces of having lost that beauty of theirs,
    that was now long-gone.

    Suddenly my eyes caught the sight
    of a familiar man all torn and tattered.
    Below his feet, my yellow emotions
    lied all pale and scattered.