• mistiedaee 5w

    I envy her smile because she smiles at you I envy her heart because it's captured you. I want nothing more than to be part of her just so I can be the one holding you.

    Every night you spend smiling every night you spend holding, every moment you spend loving is every second I'm crying. Nothing can give me peace because everything is hers everything that I need.

    I would give you my world, I would take all your pain, I would drown all the sadness and make the heavens rain, i woudnt take away your heart I would fill it with love, I wish you could forget her and love me just as much,

    I envy her long dark hair and her soft blue stare and your smile at me was one that couldnt be. You mean everything to me, you mean the heavens and stars, but God is cruel she wants you just as much. I have to let you go...

    The pain I feel is nothing compared to death, the silence of the moment breaks my heart to dust. I have to let you go so I can go back to now, but I'll live on in that moment with your constant touch. I envy her heart so much.... Because it gets to love you