• dolorem 9w

    Mr. Nice Guy

    You smile throughout the day and you never threw the smiling mask away. Having a bad day? You're the nice guy, you'll pull through.

    You are there to comfort the girl you like but you know you will never have a chance with her. You are there to comfort your friends going through breakups. You are comfort people you don't even know. Your reputation is solid but not very respected.

    Your body is caged away far from everyone else. No one sees your true self. No one wants to hear about you. You sit alone gazing at the views of people coming together, loving one another; you gain hope for the world but not for yourself.

    Your tears fall away into the rivers of melancholic despair. Never alone yet lonely. The only times people want to talk to you are when they need favors. When they need support. When they need to know that their lives are better than yours.

    You, a pioneer of hard work, didn't really blossom throughout the years, it is your fate. Yet you wonder where you can go. Leave this world where no one respects you and uses you and start fresh. However, you are unable to do so for a handful of factors play a role in the unknown future.

    You glance along the beautiful empty mountains in front of you and the people under you living their lives and the lives of others but not yours. Then you put your smiling mask on and make your way to them putting your true self asleep once again, the cycle never ends.