• icyblack 24w

    A diary with my untold nothingness (novel ) 9

    8th January' 2016
    I covered up myself in a brown coat. And took one more shaking step towards the "strange-party". I was really afraid of going to party with stranger's bodies roaming around me....i felt like earth was shaking...is there an earthquake??!!......"aagghhh..stop thinking bad....u stupid girl",..i murmured to myself.

    When i reached to party place....i saw large vases with lot of lilies and rose petals floating on the crystal clear water. Only a single table was there,with two golden metal chairs..on both the sides. lavender scented candles were stroking their reflection intensely onto to wine glass. And then i saw those coco-brown Iris. ..holding a bouquet of lilies... he walked closer.....with an intense gaze onto my beautiful blushing face......

    "Candle light...stroke me once....
    But your beauty stroke me twice"

    To be continued