• utsav_roy 10w

    In her deep little sleep

    can be her smile,
    can be her drop of tear.
    I do love the happy way,
    but with a touch of fear.

    can be her hair,
    Or her eyes,
    Emotion can be her silence around,
    or a talkative soul I ever found.

    Can be the words she speak,
    Can be the reactions she flick.
    I think of my lines when,
    she is the paragraph
    reciting in a streak.

    Can be the singing sparrow,
    outside her lonely window.
    Or a music of the blissful rain,
    kissing her cheeks from the window pane.

    Can be the caressed picture,
    hovering her fingers across,
    silent and sweet architecture.
    can be her murmuring lip,
    facing the odds,
    in her deep little sleep.