• vani_i_i_i_i 45w

    We shut our eyes,
    And the image of falsified carved path is framed,
    We began walking,
    While walking on it,
    Though brutally,
    With every step; we are drifting towards ambiguity of our intentions for living.

    No longer seeking breaths,
    Which were once strayed from its foremost purpose.

    Path was gently revealing itself,
    For us to follow,
    For a single moment,
    We couldn't resist but lost our possessions,
    Never to be retained,
    Ever again in that moment.

    A fire was disclosed to us,
    We didn't stopped after its disclosure,
    We tried to put the fire down,
    At the cutting edge of the path,
    But soon we actualized itinerary,
    And fire was decisive at the end of it.
    So we kept walking,
    Along with the fire.....

    For we were imaginers of immense ingenuity.

    And still at times,
    Our closed eyes vision gravitates us towards the path we walked on,
    And towards an abstruse secret,
    That we weren't together on that path,
    But alone.