• vinaya_poornima 9w

    When it rains...

    When it rains all of a sudden
    It has nothing to do with the happy faces
    nor hot hot tea
    The rain is emotionally broken and has got her mood swings...It begs...begs for acceptance.

    While it shatter the window pane
    It has nothing to do with the favourite
    track you listen with your headphones on,
    The rain is shouting her questions so peremptory,which belongs
    to her yestereves
    In the heavens
    and she curse herself for being
    sent to earth.

    When the pace of rain slows down,
    It has nothing to do with your romance
    Under the warm blankets
    But she is regretting and retreating.
    I can now blend my emotions with her,
    with the rain.