• thebook0wl 23w

    We lay.

    We lay there. Naked.
    I don't know what it was, but we felt happy.
    No fancy hotels , branded clothes or 500 likes.
    Just us, bare and breathing.
    Within the confines of four walls, and two open hearts.

    I asked her, pizza!?
    She lit up with her tits dangling mid air,
    Enough for me crack up.
    I pull her close and ask again, pizza!?
    She smelled chocolate, or whatever was left of it.
    Boy can I ever get enough of her, I thought and chuckled.
    She's still not responded yet.
    Instead she pulled my phone with one hand,
    Grabbed my hair with the other,
    Before I knew it, she was all over my neck.
    I just grinned and thought myself what a lucky sob I was.