• aparajitaapra28 9w

    SHOWMAN ..

    Can you delve deeper than the persona I flaunt ?
    I know I am a showman but do you know what I want?
    A world away from fellony and treachery
    Of happiness and purity
    Where there isnt much between off screen and on screen
    People are not different than what they appear to be or seem
    I know I have had falls and built wonderwall
    But for once I would like to stall them all
    To see what I truly am
    Without giving a damn
    No paparrazi, no buzz just a place of serenity
    To sync with the serendipity
    Perhaps it will remain a long lost cherished dream
    Its time to put on the show ,watch people scream
    Fame comes at the edge of glory
    Far from the splendid theory
    Its time for telling the story