• steezy 5w


    A giant fell,
    After many wins, there will be an L,
    How deep will it hit you,
    To the fans, will it matter how well?

    First they'll look up at you,
    Only to look down on you,
    They made you feel invicinble,
    And now, they'll make you feel despicable.

    You think you'll know how to act when it happens,
    Till it happens, you'll never know,
    The pain of spice added to injuries may never go,
    Same people who scream your name,
    Will forward the insultive emails to your address,
    As recipient of the blames.

    You used to love the trend,
    How it's for the wrong reason,
    The duration of your wins didn't matter,
    Now, they'll make you feel like you were born losing.