• unfolding_ordinary 6w

    .It all started when i was returning home
    when i saw a boy, with no top
    In the cold winter ,with trembling hands
    And shivering he stands..
    He's not more than eleven
    Beside him is no one
    he wouldn't beg ,but wipe those car glasses
    to fill his stomach ,and the smile never ceases
    I stopped for a minute
    I wish i had a jacket
    but i had to go as i was getting late
    Something bugged me, I can't exactly pin!
    .Was it the heart ache that particular scene has caused?
    A kid who has to be actually cared
    Not in school,learning
    But on the street ,barely earning
    Not even covered properly
    nor the clothing warmth
    neither the motherly warmth
    Poverty,a sin,a curse
    and we people who are wealthy are worse
    what have we done to them or him?
    what have I done,except for writing this hymn!
    .Was it the smile on his face that never ceased
    Or the pain that's well hidden under the brows that's creased!
    How can he smile freezing in the cold
    hide the pain of past and fear of future, so bold
    Hands and feet so cold but heart so warm
    He taught me not to fear the storm
    It's not the money or comfort that makes you happy!
    He taught me,we can still be happy, even if our fate is crappy!

    .Happiness is not something we lose
    It's something we choose....:)

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    Happiness is not something we lose
    It's something we choose.