• advesperascit 5w

    This lack of sleep has been makin me drowsy,
    It's got me really thinkin about if this world is better off without me,
    Lately my thoughts have been gettin rather cloudy,
    My mind has been rowdy,
    Keepin me awake at night with thoughts of how we...

    Broke up,
    Now I just choke up,
    Everytime I think of you I say "Maybe its time I put the rope up"...

    It's been three god damn years,
    And still I'm wipin off these tears,
    Sometimes I feel as if you're still here...

    Well anyway,
    I hope you're living your best life,
    Cause lately mine has been deprived of any sort of good light,
    My grandpa passed and left my family to just fight,
    I don't even know what's right,
    I wish that spark would reignite,
    And we could reunite,

    But if I'm honest with myself that's nowhere in sight,
    I just need some insight,
    Maybe I'll climb up on my roof and take flight,
    And finally get some sleep tonight,
    But please,
    Don't worry about me,
    And everybody have a good night,
    Sleep tight...