• cupidson 10w

    Basking Bygone

    As memories keep getting distant,
    Love keeps eroding.
    Like waves leaving the shores,
    Leaving behind beautiful shells
    Never seen before
    Memories or Fantasies
    What did we have,
    What would you choose?
    Three hundred days have past
    since I last tasted your breath.
    The chocolate chessboard on your chest,
    Those pink polka dots on your breast
    And that black choker on your neck,
    Your skintight jeans
    Or u without them.
    The walk back home,
    Your absurd tastes,
    Those sudden kiss
    And my sully comments,
    Is all I really miss.
    My hands on the wheels
    Your hands on me,
    It's an another world
    Another glee.
    It's an absolute crime.
    It's time for a brand new rhyme.
    No,I don't want u back,
    Please just return those memories
    Those flesh and bones of mine.
    Yes,I left you,
    but u left me too.
    So who's better, u decided.
    Be the judge,
    Bring a jury,
    Atleast let my lawyer speak first,
    Cuz I will never win
    In a court of love.
    the law was never
    made to save the pauper.
    I'll tell u what-
    I'm a ghost,
    But you're a stranger.