• i_hate_people 4w

    - K. Ashish

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    The Memoir of An Old Soul.

    "What Do you Think. Mrs. Swann? " asked Alex showing her a Crumpled Lilly Flower.
    "Will She like it??! ".
    "of course Alex!! " Exclaimed a cheerful Mrs. Swann.
    " I wish, i had something Charming to Gift her!! " Said Alex looking down.

    Mrs.Swann Cupped his Dear face in her hands and said,
    "Remember Alex, Everything you Give with A Smile is a Gift!! " and kissed his forehead.
    "...Now Run along Alex, and give her your sweetest Smile "!!

    Only the God's laughed at that moment,
    because, Alas! Alex was born a Cripple! He never learnt Walking! A one-legged hero!