• lonely365 6w


    Do you understand the dread in my head?
    I can't escape myself, no where to be lead.
    The thoughts that have haunted me in bed.
    But do you understand what I have just said?

    I am stuck in a mind that feels like it's only purpose is to torture me.
    To give me highs in my mind, then steal them away just so I'll see
    I'll never be normal and trying to make me hate Kristen Lee
    But instead of hate, I have internal frustration, so here's some tea

    My mind can stress so much I feel like I'm not even myself
    It's gotten out of hand, it's becoming bad for my health
    If sanity was currency, it would be stealing my wealth
    For the battle is growing inside myself

    So my mind is a war zone what should I do?
    For I'm literally hearing voices in my head too.
    I feel isolated for no reason, coming unglued
    But no one takes this seriously until it's to late, do you?