• rhah_loth 10w

    A deep collabo with my friend about this hard time and getting a few coins

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    Money in the cold

    Early mornings
    Frosty covers and dry pockets
    Still I must rise
    To the squealing call of the wild

    The world beacons me
    The growl of my belly motives my hunt
    "show yourself, i summon thee"
    And played the role that i had learnt

    And some that I'm yet to learn
    My elites expect me to be perfect
    But this isn't a wily play or a deja vu
    I'm just a stranger basking into the search

    Loosing myself in the chase, the endless rat race
    Constantly dreading the next cold morning
    For the money is scarce and the joy even more so
    A full belly and a warm bed, my only hearts' yearning