• djlove 10w

    Pieces Of Me

    Each shattered pieces... I threw away represents aparts of my past..
    Begins at age six... begin sexually abused by the man I once trusted and never again will.. this memory brings tears to my eyes ...
    Because of him my anxiety began.. !!!
    Age 13 I was hurt again this time by my uncle.. because of these two men I wasn’t a normal kid...!!!
    My anxiety was bad... begin around a crowd of people made it worse..!!!
    Twenty four... wow a fully grown adult was raped by man I barely knew.. this I held inside because of fear and not knowing it was rape..!!!
    These pieces of me are now gone.. but still part of me..
    to them I say thank you for making me the women I am today..!!!
    I am a warrior .. no past can define me..
    I am fighter..!!! I am a survivor..!!!

    By: Dakota Juarez @djlovebay