• atemnkengemiliene 10w


    In despair I bowed my head;
    Is there any such thing as peace?... indeed!
    For hate is strong,
    And mocks the melodies of peace ... the song.
    I hope for peace and unity,
    Justice and equality.

    Peace blows like paper in the street going nowhere,
    And the secret of peace looks like it is hidden in a cave.
    Without peace , generations will suffer
    And the earth will shatter,
    In pain and tear never ending
    That why a radio call is calling.

    Let work in shaping peace together,
    You are the starter.
    For it is enough, dying in silence,
    Killings , envies and hatreds ...ahhh , peace changing the narrative.
    The language of peace writes for the ones whose pens can't write, mouths that can't talk and voices that can't be heard ,
    Peace heals the broken hearted.