• renesachakraborty 6w

    Sounds interesting, right!?
    And so they are.
    Two years down the line, after she understood she was more than enough to walk way from the memories, the date arrived.
    Dates are strange. They keep repeating and coming even after the person who is attached with the particular, leaves.
    And so, in a particular date, I fell in love. Not the exact, but my heart confirmed. I was helpless. My heart doesn't know to listen me. It feel in love with you.
    And you. You were a magnet. You kept me so packed by your stout forces. I was so in love with you. You taught me to smile, to caress the present. I made a rainbow out of the layers. I so wanted to see not just the sunshine but the sunset with you. Most importantly, in all my heart and mind, I planned our whole future, not knowing, you came for few days.
    Today, your name doesn't give me the same vibes. I still am in love with the beautiful days, we had, together. Deep down, the dates still scares me.You are the greatest secret of my life. Or may be i should say the most painful wound.. But the pain is a lie since it refused to stay forever.. You are just a scar now.. It fails to make me burst into tears.. But it sometimes open the flood-gates of my memory leaving me to wonder why the things changed so much. Neither I could alter my feelings nor the dates..

    Renesa Chakraborty

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    Sounds, interesting!