• praize_s_tar 5w

    YES I DO!

    Smiling through the haze of tears
    Walking down that aisle for the whole world to see
    I realized!
    There was nowhere else for me to be.
    Here... Just here
    Watching him smile at me from the other side of the aisle
    Tears formed in the beauty deep chocolate pools of his eyes
    Making me feel beautiful,
    His BRIDE!

    One step after the other and all my inhibitions gently fade away
    The hurts, the fears, the pains, the unworthiness.
    He made me feel worthy
    In His eyes I could be labeled PERFECT.

    Two steps more and he stretched out His hand
    I swear I could see my future flash in His eyes.
    Taking His hand, I whispered
    YES! I DO
    To all you have to offer,
    I Do.
    To the Love which surpasses every other,
    I Do.
    To being called Yours and Being Mine,
    I Do.
    To be housed in your Heart and Mansions,
    I Do.
    To being called REDEEMED!
    YES,I DO!