• imti_minds 9w

    One's Life

    Our love so pure and divine
    My eyes so true longing for you
    Distant road that misjudge us
    Slave we remain to our pride
    Trust leads to anguish

    Misfortune mark one's life
    Love has it's virtue
    Seeing it pains my soul
    Standards put us a debt
    We are born equal only when being alone

    No one blames oneself for destruction
    No one wants to sail on a boat
    No one tries obliging in times of trouble
    No one is satisfied of what they have
    No one has the potential to belief in oneself

    Scattered by the flow of others character
    No hope for a better solution
    Life follows the same drama
    One's neutral thoughts stop from antagonism
    We take everything for granted like a movie play

    A new hope new beginning is all we wanted
    Wasted life was just a past what dwells on us is our tomorrow
    Miles we had cross to leave behind wasted dreams
    Don't let our past make sorry till our future
    Let tears roll down one last time and no more
    For we making life better not a shallow one