• __clarity 5w

    Part 2

    Life's not easy, not when I'm with you
    I am your trigger
    The gun of your mind
    I hold it all, proof? Pull me
    Aren't you looking for relief?
    Hah its such a shame, you don't eat, sleep and breath cause of me
    I'm honoured to see I still have the power to bring you to your knees
    Swollen eyes, chapped lips, broken in your room
    How do you feel knowing you are your own doom?
    Its moments like this that I surface and roam
    Thanks to me you write poems
    I am your motivation
    The inspiration eating at you
    Suddenly you can't take it anymore, who told you I'm full?
    I don't know where these thoughts are from. You said you want to feel joy?
    I'm sorry but that's not happening
    I thought I told you I'm not leaving
    I hate to say it but I've given you the inability to feel
    I took over your mind and your heart, its all sealed
    Either you feel me or nothing, see I gave you an option, I'm an expert
    Killed every last shred of hope for my benefit, you can call me a despot
    Don't worry just breathe, maybe it'll make you feel alive
    I'm that tiny voice you'll never suffocate
    Try me, I'll always return
    Even if I'm a bit late