• dinusha 5w

    Your eyes(Tears part 2)

    I see them smiling
    To console me
    When everything falls apart
    It broke me thousand times
    seeing how they filled with
    Tears when you saw me
    In pain
    I disagreed with everything
    People you loved
    said about you
    Cause I know your eyes
    More than they do
    I see how they light
    Up whenever you
    See me laughing
    No lie they reflect it all
    When you look through
    your spectacles
    I imagined my future
    With someone who has
    Kind eyes like you
    Knowing noone can ever
    Be nice as you do
    Love of those eyes
    Carry me even when
    Everything seems impossible
    Your smile always
    Bring me back to life
    When I hear your vision is
    Getting blurred
    I felt a storm
    Rising inside me
    That I can't control
    How will I find myself
    If I lose the sparkle of your eyes
    I feel myself breaking
    Even a thought about it
    But I still believe in miracles
    Cause you're an angel
    Who created miracles
    I just wanna say
    I love you papa
    always and forever
    no matter
    How it is going to be