• amulya05 6w


    It's strange how people change so easily with time. Someone who was so close to you once is now nowhere in your life. It's strange that the people you used to spend the whole day with now rarely have time for you. It's strange that the number that used to be in your frequently contacted list is now where in the list. It's strange that you two used to talk the whole day on anything and everything without the fear of being judged and now you run out of topics. It's strange how even the silence between you two used to be peaceful and meaningful and now even the talk seems voiceless.

    It's strange to see relationship changing with time. It can be any relationship be it father-son, mother- daughter, friends and even siblings.

    Everything changes with time, even the intensity of your relationship. Once they will get new people in their life they will change for sure. And no it's not just their fault. You too never tried just because of fear and doubt of being less important in their life.

    But deep inside it hurts seeing the relationships changing, friends becoming strangers.

    Communication gap becomes the reason of it.

    But a part of you always misses them and wishes for the same old relationship.