• vivianallison 5w


    *Dearest African woman, you're bold and beautiful*
    Your smile is lovely and radiant, your dark skin is more beautiful than the night sky
    You've come in different shades "beige, chocolate, caramel, mocha, hazel nut, espresso, honey, Ivory, olive and ebony"
    You are the home keeper, the nation builder.
    The one who wipes away our tears yet broken but still you're strong.
    The smile giver, the support system and life line of the continent.
    You're more beautiful that a flower in the Savannah.
    Your smile is like a falling snow on a drought land.
    Oh my african woman you're impressively dripping in black beauty, elaborately infused with melanin, extravagantly bathed in chocolate.
    So be confident in your skin no matter your shape or height you are beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made God.