• quiipu 5w

    You are My Best friend and I wish you are always there with me. I love you so much.
    I don't want to lose my Best friend.
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    Best friends are hard to find. They love you, care for you ; most of all tell you that they hate you but I know my Best friend. For you maybe he is just a normal person but then I have seen my Best friend in and out. I know every time what he feels or what he thinks. We are just one heart and two souls.I don't trust anybody more then him/her, even though he acts as if has no brains at times ; is weird when it comes to sharing problems I know my Best friend will listen to me no matter what time it is of the day. I can cry, I can laugh, I can tease, I can make fun of him/her but still at the end of the day when people ask why we together even after we fight alot, I just want to remind them.We are best friends, and best friends always fight, and do things together. Maybe we are weird but we don't mind being so. I can't hear anything about my Best friend because I know how my Best friend has a heart that no one has. It's hard to tell my Best friend that he/she is the most craziest person I ever met, I didn't know that someday we will be talking to each other about our life and laughing about it, I didnt know that I would find someone who would not give up on me. I didn't know I had someone who said I hate you but always stood there for me when I needed the most. I can find 1000 Best friends, but I would never find someone like you. I love you so much